Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Our commitment to workplace health and safety integrates the following principles into daily business operations, ensuring WH&S is a component of the organisation’s core business. These principles include:

  • Managements leadership and commitment to adopt a proactive, best practice approach to workplace health and safety, with a lead by example attitude;
  • Active involvement of all workplace employees, contractors and visitors;
  • Effective two-way communication through consultation and participation of workplace health and safety issues;
  • A focus on the provision of information, education and training for all employees;
  • Hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk control at all levels of the workplace;
  • An effective WH&S management system  ensuring continuous improvement through evaluation and review and;
  • Ensuring compliance with the relevant WH&S Regulations

At the heart of our commitment is the presence of a culture of trust which fosters a no blame attitude to the reporting of unsafe conditions, near misses and incidents. We create learning opportunities where everyone can comfortably question the safety and health procedures and contribute to the implementation and monitoring of the Safety Management System.

We continue to review and develop our systems and processes to ensure that our focus remains on providing the safest and healthiest working environment for all our employees and customers.